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“Think of the SBO Clutter Coaching Program as a cross between a therapist and a personal trainer.”

As many of you know I live midway between New York City and Philadelphia.  Most of my clients are within an hour from me, but I often get requests from people that say “if you only lived closer!”  Our clutter coaching is a way for me to connect with you regardless of location.

Our coaching packages include: 

  • Initial 1-1 consultation call to understand your lifestyle and identify where you’re struggling
  • We’ll develop a customized organizing plan for you to implement
  • 60 minute bi-monthly organizing calls to discuss progress, provide support and keep you motivated
  • Follow-up summary emails that detail your upcoming tasks (aka “homework”)
  • Products recommendations as needed
  • Every plan is completely customized to your specific needs

“Working with Laurie has changed my life! I no longer feel controlled by my clutter. She showed me how to break things down in manageable increments without getting overwhelmed.  Laurie helped me to identify the root of my clutter, and how to avoid the 5 clutter pitfalls. Her organizing ESP method is a game-changer, not just for me, but for my entire family.”  Joanne, Omaha, Nebraska

“I always thought of myself as a fairly organized person, but there were  a few areas that I couldn’t seem to get together. Laurie not only helped me to organize my space, but my time! Her strategies taught me how to prioritize what was important, set realistic goals and actually check things off my to-do list! Best of all, Laurie is FUN! “ -Beth, Greenwich, Connecticut

If you are committed to making a change, but need someone to guide you along the way, this is the ideal program for you!           

*All sessions with Organizing Expert, Laurie Palau and conducted via phone, Skype or Facetime, depending on your preference.

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