You’re Getting Warmer….

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Tile App: Redefining Lost & Found

Do you remember when you were little and you used to play the game Hot Potato?  One person would hide something and then the other person would search for it while the hider would eagerly announce “WARMER!” or “COLDER!” as the seeker would search for the item. As a child, this is a fun and entertaining game, even humorous at times, watching the seeker go completely out of their way looking for something that was in different location.

Fast forward to your life today; have you ever tried to get out the door to work, or take the kids to school, but can’t find your keys or your phone? You search all of the logical places to no avail, and your frustration mounts. How you wish at that moment that you had someone guiding you, letting you know if you are getting “warmer.”

Thankfully, one of my favorite gifts this season was the Tile Pro Series. It’s a tracker for your belongings. Use it to track almost anything, including your phone, keys, purse, laptop, backpack, or luggage.  It works off of bluetooth, and literally with the press of a button you will be notified by sound and signal if you are getting closer, until you locate your item.

I’ll let you all in on a little secret…when I’m onsite with clients, I am constantly misplacing my keys-just ask my assistant, Erika!  I’ll leave them in my workbag, inside a jacket pocket, or buried inside my purse.  Ironically, when I’m at home I know exactly where my keys are, but when I’m out, I’m often distracted, and as a result, I’ll arbitrarily place them without thought.  Has that ever happened to you?

As much as I’d like to believe that I will never misplace my keys again, I know that’s not reality, so why not reduce stress and save time by attaching this little square to my key ring?  The setup was so easy, all I had to do is download the app, enter my name and email, and attach the tile to my keys. No fancy tech set up required!  There are multiple versions available based on your needs and lifestyle. See which one is best for you by clicking here.  Tile is available for both iPhone & android users.





*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own.

A “Wunderful” List Making App

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shutterstock_1331319953 Reasons To Love Wunderlist

wunderlist-iconThis past weekend my husband and I were out to dinner with friends of ours.  We were rushing to get out the door once we were in the car Josh (aka the hubby) realized he left his phone at home. The entire dinner he kept reaching for it;  it was like he was missing a limb.

It’s crazy to think how dependent we have all become on our devices, considering 10 years ago most of us only used our phones to make calls.

Even though the majority of American’s today own a smartphone, only a small portion use apps to stay on top of daily tasks.

Successfully managing daily tasks is a core component to living an organized and stress-free life.  

The reality is that everyone is overextended and running in 50 directions. It’s unrealistic, not to mention exhausting, to rely on our memory for every detail.

Writing things down is a great start, but how many times have you walked out the door only to have left your list on the kitchen counter? Or been out running errands and stopped somewhere unexpectedly and forget what you needed to buy?

Wunderlist  lets you create some simple to-do lists that you can access from all your devices, all of the time. 

My Top 3 Favorite Features:


1. Simple as 1-2-3:
Wunderlist allows you to customize a list for anything and everything from grocery shopping, to work tasks, household projects, the lists are endless….literally! You can set reminders, due dates and add notes if you’d like.  Not tech savvy?  No problem. It is so basic anyone can use it.

2. Wireless Sync:  
No need to worry about duplicate lists or forgetting to sync your devices together.  The wireless sync option updates your lists across all of your devices simultaneously. So if you are working on your computer and add a task, it automatically shows up on your phone.

3. Sharing Capabilities:
Want everyone in your house to have access to your grocery list? No problem!  Share lists among family members or team members so they have access to view, add and edit as necessary.  No more waiting to tell mom you are out of milk.


Best of all, this app is FREE!  There is a pro version, but frankly, the free version is phenomenal.  Once you get more advanced and comfortable with using Wunderlist, you may want to upgrade, but for starters, the free version is more than sufficient.

My advice for those who are leery is to start slow. Some of my clients feel safer keeping their paper lists as a back-up until they become more comfortable navigating the app. More often than not, the transition is so simple and seamless they can’t imagine how they lived without it.

Wunderlist is available for Apple and Android.

Happy Organizing!

Getting Productive Just Got Easier

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Ok folks, I’ve got some exciting news to share…

5 of my favorite Productivity sites have joined forces to help make organizing your life easier-what’s better than that?

Pocket, Evernote, Wunderlist, LastPass and Dropbox are offering subscriptions for all of the productivity services for only $59.99. This is a discount of more than 70% on the full price of purchasing each individually!


Included in the pack are 1-year subscriptions to the following:

  • Pocket Premium: Keep the articles, videos and websites that interest you accessible at all times with Pocket Premium’s powerful organization, search, and Permanent Library features. (Valued at $44.99/year)
  • Evernote Premium: Evernote Premium is built around your core daily tasks of writing, collecting information, and presenting your ideas. It’s the modern way professionals get work done. (Valued at $45.00/year)
  • Wunderlist Pro: Wunderlist Pro is the easiest way to get stuff done, whether you’re organizing your work, sharing a shopping list with a loved one or planning an overseas adventure. (Valued at $49.99/year)
  • LastPass Premium: LastPass Premium makes it easy to organize your online life, letting you sync passwords across all your devices, easily share logins, and access additional security features. (Valued at $12.00/year)
  • Dropbox Pro: Get a three month trial to Dropbox Pro. With 1 TB (1,000 GB) of storage and powerful sharing features, Dropbox Pro keeps your stuff safe and accessible no matter where you are.
  • The New York Times Digital Subscription: Enjoy eight weeks of free unlimited access to and NYTimes smartphone apps. Catch up on global and national news as well as exclusive videos, multimedia, blogs and much more.

The special pricing for the Productivity Pack expires on February 13. Click here to sign up today. Make 2015 your most organized and productive year by taking advantage of this offer!


Happy Organizing!

Put an End to Artwork Madness (as seen on CBS)

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Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Erika VonTiehl from CBS3 where we talked about one of the most dreaded topics for parents of young children: “What do I do with all of their Artwork”?

One of my clients and good friend, Katie Welykoridko, graciously invited me (along with a news crew!) into her home where she and her 3 adorable kids Ainsley (11), Baird (9) and Maddie (5) talked about their routines before and after working with yours truly.

5 FREE Time Saving Apps

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The other day I spent the morning with my friend and Anchorwoman, Eve Tannery, where I shared 5 of my favorite productivity apps. If you missed the segment, you can watch it here:

 google cal 1. Calendars: Google Cal  Why I love it:  Access from any device, all you need a gmail account. Easily color code so you can differentiate activities easily between members of your family or team.





wunderlist   2. To-Do lists: Wunderlist Why I love it: You can customize and create multiple lists. Share lists with anyone  (all they need to do is download the free app). Best of all, your list is always with you!





pocket   3. Reading: Pocket  Why I love it: It reduces digital clutter by allowing you to save articles with the click of a button so you don’t need to worry about saving links and emails. You can tie it to your social media outlets so if you are on facebook or twitter and see an article that seems interesting, but don’t have time to read, you can save the link to your pocket for when you have time.






Yummly   4. Meal Planning: Yummly Why I love it:  It’s a meal planning and recipe app all in one! Easily source recipes from any number of sites and blogs. Filter out things like food allergies and favorite ingredients.  They also have this great feature where you can plug in whatever’s leftover in your fridge and they will come up with recipe options for you!







ArtKive     5. Artwork Storage: ArtKive Why I love it:  The easiest artwork paper reducing app.  Allows you to create albums for each of your children by grade. Instead of having to figure out what to do with all the artwork they come home with, or feel guilty about throwing it away, simply take a picture with your phone or tablet and it automatically uploads and saves. You can share the albums with anyone you choose, and at the end of the year you can get a book or calendar made.  Best of all your house is not filled with truckloads of artwork!






Happy Organizing!