Creating an Organized + Inspiring Home Office

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Today’s blog post is courtesy of one of our Partners, Katie Siefermann, founder & CEO of Fall Into Place Organizing in Denver, Colorado. Follow her on social media and check out her website for additional inspiration!

Working from home. A love-hate thing, right? You love the flexibility and comfort, but hate how hard it feels to be productive at times. As you try to wrap up an urgent project, you have dishes, laundry and piles of paperwork staring at you from your dining table. That cluttered view is not only distracting and uninspiring, but causes undue stress as your to-do list suddenly feels never-ending.

Speaking from experience living and working in a busy household, I have learned the value of setting up a dedicated home office. Now I love helping my clients create their dream workspaces as a professional organizer in Denver. Here are some of my favorite tips to help you set up a home office where you feel happy, calm, organized and inspired to be your most productive, creative self! A space that you love and can call your own.

1. Start big picture by considering optimal function + layout of your office furniture.

⋅ Choose a desk with drawers to store frequently needed supplies out of sight but within reach, allowing for a clutter-free desktop.

⋅Create a surface for materials needed in your workflow by using an L-shaped desk or forming a makeshift “L” by adjoining a table, filing cabinet or bookshelf to one side of the desk (choose position based on whether you are right- or left-handed).

⋅Position your chair and desk to face an inspiring view (window, artwork or whiteboard with business goals) and/or the door (Feng Shui bonus points!).

*photo courtesy of Pinterest



2. Create practical + dedicated homes for all work-related items.

⋅Use containers such as drawer organizers, magazine files, trays or binders to store frequently needed items close by. Don’t be afraid to splurge on some new office supplies that spark joy and motivate you to keep things in order.

⋅Create a “paper action station” for incoming paperwork that needs processing, based on whether you are a “filer” or a “piler.” Think vertical (desktop file box) if you are a filer and horizontal (stacking trays) if you are a piler.

⋅Label, label, label! Don’t forget to label your containers so you know exactly where things belong and can easily maintain your systems.

*photo courtesy of Pinterest




3. Decorate using colors + details that inspire you.

⋅Paint the room a color that evokes the emotion you want to feel when working. Blue is a popular office color that can improve productivity. Keep in mind that bright colors tend to be stimulating while softer hues tend to be calming.

⋅Accent the room with colors and images you love using throw pillows, lamps and wall art. Plants are also a wonderful addition to bring life into your workspace.

⋅Display objects that motivate you and help you focus, such as a favorite book, a scented candle or an inspiring quote. Keep open shelves minimal to help maintain mental clarity while working.

*photo courtesy of Pinterest




Whether you are modifying your current office or starting from scratch, it’s a worthwhile investment of your time and energy to create an organized home office that you love. You will notice the difference when your productivity, success and overall happiness soar!

For more tips from to help you create an orderly, calm and inspired life, visit Katie’s website and subscribe to her newsletter , or follow Fall Into Place Organizing on Instagram or Facebook. If you are interested in working with Katie locally in Denver or virtually from afar, be sure to check out her professional organizing services for home, work and life.

Organizing with Staples-Goodbye Paper Clutter!

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For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about how to keep your “command center” free from clutter.

Even if you shred and recycle daily, there is still a certain amount of physical paper that you’ll want to hold onto. Some things are permanent keepers: ranging from tax documents, to your kids’ report cards, and that stuff needs somewhere (other than your kitchen table) to live.

Let’s face it, the days of storing all of your documents inside a traditional filing cabinet are long gone. Life in the 21st century is portable and your files should be too.

Staples Better Binder with Removable Rings is my go-to solution for keeping papers organized.

Staples(R) Better(R) Binder with Removable FileRings , Blue

They come in assorted colors with a label on the spine (a must-have for my fellow “Type-A-ers”.)

TIP: Assign a different color binder for each person and/or category. Use tabs or dividers to separate by year (ie: 2014, 2015…). Easy visual retrieval is key for saving time!

What about keeping multiple page documents organized?

Staples One-Touch Stapler requires 60% less effort than traditional desktop staplers! Say goodbye to bent staples that won’t pierce through your stack of papers. It also has a push button for easy staple loading.

One Touch Plus Black

The one-touch stapler is so easy to use you actually won’t mind organizing your papers!

TIP: Keep only the first few pages of a document that includes account numbers, balances, etc. Staple those important pages and shred the rest.

Organizing your workspace may never be glamorous, but with a little discipline and the right products it can be simple and stress-free.

Happy Organizing!

*This post is sponsored by Staples. All comments and opinions are my own.

Fall Organizing with Staples

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The end of September marks the unofficial end to summer :(.

For many of us (present company included) my office takes a backseat while my kids are on summer break. Between running them around, going on vacation, and trying to soak up every ounce of nice weather I let things slide a bit.

Now that the weather is cooling off, the kids are back on a routine, and there is a small window of “normalcy” before the craziness of the holidays kicks in, and it’s time to get my sh*t together.

To be completely honest, there are a million other things I’d rather do than organize my office, but the longer I procrastinate the worse it will become.

I hate the feeling of drowning in disorganization and I am sure you do too. We all want to feel productive, right?

The first step is to sit back, take a breath, and regroup….

Listen up: You are the CEO of your house. Whether you’re responsible for paying the bills, taking care of household receipts, managing homework and the influx of school papers, or all of the above, your job is important.

Just like a CEO of a company, you need a designated place to sit and work. You can’t expect to manage everything effectively while making dinner or flipping the laundry.

Staples Montessa II Luxura Managers Chair is a great place to sit and focus on the task at hand. It has all the features to help you stay comfortable allowing you to be more productive.

Staples Montessa II Luxura Managers Chair, Black


A great chair for parents and kids! The height easily adjusts and the wheels make it easy to move around the house.

*TIP: Allow each of your kids 30 minutes in the chair to work on their homework and you will be amazed at how much more productive they will be! Your little ones will feel extra important while sitting in the CEO chair.

Staples Compartment Rotating Desk Organizer keeps your office supplies close at hand while maintaining the tidiness of your desk.


Staples Compartment Rotating Desk Organizer,

 Say goodbye to searching your junk drawer, with this rotating caddy everything is within reach.

Did you ever hear the expression “out of sight out of mind?” Well this desk organizer was designed for folks who like everything at their fingertips. Multiple compartments keep paperclips separated from rubber bands and pushpins. Easily separate pens, pencils, highlighters, scissors and letter openers.

*TIP: If you share a workspace with you kids, you can designate certain compartment for school supplies and others for your work items.

Stay tuned for next week when I’ll be highlighting 2 more great organizing products available at Staples!

Happy Organizing!


*This post is sponsored by Staples. All comments and opinions are my own.

4 Products To Keep Your Papers Organized

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“I love paper clutter!” SAID NO ONE EVER.

Mail, statements, school papers, household projects, medical records… just a few of the things that infiltrate our counters on a daily basis.

There are a few things less frustrating than looking for “said paper” only to have it vanish into a black hole of clutter.

This time of year we are inundated with tax papers, which can make keeping track of everything seem like a part-time job. It should come as no surprise that stress levels run particularly high this time of year with April 15th just around the corner.

Imagine a world where all your tax documents for the year were compiled in one place. No scrambling to find your donation receipts, HUD-1 statement, year end records, plus all of the miscellaneous items required by good old Uncle Sam.

As someone who runs a business and manages a household I know the value of finding what I need quickly. I don’t have hours to waste searching for paper, and neither do you.

Establishing a system to streamline and organize the hundreds of pieces of paper that enter your home on an annual basis can mean the difference between feeling like you should be on an episode of hoarders and well…keeping your sanity.

It’s the combination of a good system and the right products that allow you to not just get organized, but STAY organized.

It should come as no surprise that Staples is on my list of happy places. Walking inside instantly makes me feel more productive. At the same time, it can be overwhelming to walk in and not know what to buy.

Below are some of my favorite Staples ® products along with a step-by-step guide on how I use them on a daily basis.

staples better binder

1. The Staples® Better Binder ® With Removable FileRings™ is the easiest way to corral all of your paperwork in one central place. They come in an assortment of colors, which is great if you like to color code. (I have a separate binder color for everyone in my family plus household documents which makes grabbing what I need super easy.)

The removable rings are a brilliant perk to these binders. They are a huge space saver and make filing a snap. Each D-ring holds up to 275 piece of paper and comes with a label for easy identification.




staples better dividers2. The Staples® Better® Dividers allow you to keep categories separated (I.e.: investments, donations, household, employers, receipts, etc.). As important papers come in, I know exactly where to put them, which prevents me from creating one big mound of paper clutter.







sheet protectors

3.Staples® Standard Sheet Protectors are a game changer for me. I store blank sheet protectors inside of each divider category. As soon as an important document arrives in the mail, I automatically place it inside a sheet protector (within the appropriate tab) which makes for instant organization.







3-hole punch


4. The other option is to use Staples® Adjustable Hole Punch, which can accommodate up to 10 Sheets of paper at one time, yet it’s narrow enough to store easily .







What I love most about Staples ® Better ® products is that they affordable and functional. Details like interchangeable labels and reinforced covers are what make them my go-to products above other brands.

Having the freedom to spend less time in the office is important to me.  Using these products allows you to be productive and still have time to get outside to enjoy the first breaths of Spring.

Happy Organizing!


Get Organized! 3 Office Storage Solutions

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I’m so excited to be kicking off 2014 with a home office renovation project for a new client! As someone who spent 5 years working day in and day out in my home office I value the importance of creating and maintaining a space that is functional, inviting, inspiring and calming.

Clutter produces feelings of anxiety, plain and simple.

Minimizing piles of paper and post-it notes is a start, but let’s take it a step further.  When you are designing your home office space, consider these following tips to help keep your space organized:

1. Let your desk double as storage.  Instead of having a separate filing cabinet, consider a desk with built-in storage. Many places like Ballard Designs offer options where you can customize your workspace to suit your needs. Utilizing the desk base with filing and drawer storage allows you to free up valuable space  that was otherwise occupied.

ballard corner desk


2. Select “like” products to create a streamlined look.  One of my favorite product lines is the BASICS collection from  It has the perfect combination of function and style to create a calm and inviting workspace. Whether you are looking for a place to store magazines, papers or general office supplies, the BASICS collection has what you need.


3.  Go vertical! Wall space is one of first areas that gets overlooked for functional space. You never seem to have enough desk space, right? I love these Vintage Wall Bins from  Use the top one as a “to do” and the bottom one as “to file” or dedicate a bin for each family member, or clients…the possibilities are endless!


Regardless of whether you use your office for work or as the command center for your home, designing a space that you want to spend time in is important. Create a space that is both functional and stylish.   An uncluttered space allows you the freedom to accomplish what you need in an environment where you want to spend time.

Happy Organizing!