You’re Getting Warmer….

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Tile App: Redefining Lost & Found

Do you remember when you were little and you used to play the game Hot Potato?  One person would hide something and then the other person would search for it while the hider would eagerly announce “WARMER!” or “COLDER!” as the seeker would search for the item. As a child, this is a fun and entertaining game, even humorous at times, watching the seeker go completely out of their way looking for something that was in different location.

Fast forward to your life today; have you ever tried to get out the door to work, or take the kids to school, but can’t find your keys or your phone? You search all of the logical places to no avail, and your frustration mounts. How you wish at that moment that you had someone guiding you, letting you know if you are getting “warmer.”

Thankfully, one of my favorite gifts this season was the Tile Pro Series. It’s a tracker for your belongings. Use it to track almost anything, including your phone, keys, purse, laptop, backpack, or luggage.  It works off of bluetooth, and literally with the press of a button you will be notified by sound and signal if you are getting closer, until you locate your item.

I’ll let you all in on a little secret…when I’m onsite with clients, I am constantly misplacing my keys-just ask my assistant, Erika!  I’ll leave them in my workbag, inside a jacket pocket, or buried inside my purse.  Ironically, when I’m at home I know exactly where my keys are, but when I’m out, I’m often distracted, and as a result, I’ll arbitrarily place them without thought.  Has that ever happened to you?

As much as I’d like to believe that I will never misplace my keys again, I know that’s not reality, so why not reduce stress and save time by attaching this little square to my key ring?  The setup was so easy, all I had to do is download the app, enter my name and email, and attach the tile to my keys. No fancy tech set up required!  There are multiple versions available based on your needs and lifestyle. See which one is best for you by clicking here.  Tile is available for both iPhone & android users.





*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own.

Clutter-Free Father’s Day Gifts

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On this weeks podcast, Erika and I chatted about clutter-free Father’s Day gifts. Below are links to our top 5 favorites.  If you haven’t listened to the episode, here it is!



1. Compartment Valet :  Why it made the list: a great catch-all for loose change, keys, cufflinks or collar stays. You can also have it personalized with a special message to the dad in your life. Starting at $55 available at




2. Trunk Organizer Why it made the list: Whether commuting to work, or dropping the kids at soccer practice, a trunk organizer is a must-have for anyone who spends a decent amount of time in the car. Put your personal touch on it by filling it with some of your dad’s favorite goodies. Starting at $15.99 available at



3. Tile: Why it made the list: The perfect gift for the techy dad who is always misplacing things. Click here to find out how it works. Starting at $25 available at




4. Google Home: Why it made the list: It’s basically like having a Google Assistant you can talk to. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things–even have it add items to your grocery list for you!  Starting at $109 available in a variety of stores including Target, Best Buy, and the Google Store.



5. Gift Certificates: Why they made the list: Treat your dad to something he wouldn’t normally do for himself. Choose anything from golf lessons, to learning how to play the drums. Maybe consider taking a household chore off his to-do list, and get him a month of landscaping services, or a room renovation with a professional organizer :).


If you’ve got a great clutter-free gift idea, we’d love to hear about it!  You may even be featured in an upcoming episode of This ORGANIZED Life.  Share your comments in our facebook group!

WFMZ Segment: Must Have Products to Ease Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning is like the New Year’s Resolution of organizing. The hardest part for most people is getting started. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with one of my favorite peeps, Eve Russo from WFMZ, where we talked about some tips and products to help ease the overwhelm.

You can watch the clip HERE   

1. Standing Bike Racks:


I love have everything off the floor as much as the next person, but I’m also realistic. Ceiling or wall mount bike racks are great storage options for the off-season, but you need an easy grab-and-go option during peak times. This inexpensive expandable bike rack will keep you from tripping as you enter the garage and is simple enough that a child can do it themselves.

Available at




2.  Wire Locker Baskets:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these baskets!  I have them in every color and use them both indoors for hats& gloves, as well as in the garage to store cleaning supplies, bottles of spray paint and other odds-and-ends. They are so versatile and inexpensive (I think I bought mine for around $14.99 each). Believe it or not, I found them at my local gardening supply store, but I’ve seen them online as well. As much as I love a lidded bin, there’s something to be said about the convenience of grab-and-go open storage.



3.  Sterilite Storage Tote:


Normaly you’ll hear me talk about the value of clear storage bins (which still holds true), but these are my new obsession!  I came across these adorable bins when I was re-doing a playroom for a client of mine. They come in 3 sizes (the smallest is not shown in the pic), but what makes these so great are the plastic snap on labels that come in 4 colors (blue and pink not shown).  They are awesome for all those little toys like shopkins, littlest petshop, barbie clothes, and of course legos! Write directly on the labels with a dry erase marker and easily edit as the contents change.

Available at



One little organizing tip:  schedule a donation pick up  so you have a commitment to get it done by a certain date, plus the donations will not be left in your garage/house indefinitely!

Leave us a comment to let us know some of your favorite organizing tips and you may be featured in an upcoming blog post.

Happy Organizing!



Top 5 College Organizing Products

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Despite what the stores are advertising, I am not quite ready for Back to School shopping yet. I need a few more weeks before the thought of lunches, homework and backpack mail re-enter my world.

So today we are talking Dorm Rooms.

Many of you are getting ready to send your kids off to to college for the first time. Thankfully I have a couple of years to prepare (both financially and mentally!), but that doesn’t stop me from researching the best products for dorm living.


  1. JOTBLOCK WEEKLY PLANNERS I absolutely love this weekly planner. Each day is spacious enough to write down multiple tasks. The built in pen/pencil holder is a great detail (no more searching!) Plan your week ahead with the sheets underneath. Included paper clips and binder clips which adds another layer of organization to this ultimate desk companion. Check out the entire jotblock product line at

  1. VELVET HANGERS Ever wonder how you are going to fit all of your clothes into a tiny dorm room closet? You may not be able to increase the size of your closet, but the right hangers will allow you to fit more clothes in a smaller space. These narrow hangers instantly make your clothes appear more organized, take up less space than a standard plastic hanger, allowing you to fit more clothes than you expected. Available on

    bed risers wcord

  1. Bed Risers Small rooms mean that you need to create space wherever you can. These risers not only give you over 7” of additional storage space, but are equipped with a USB port and 2 outlets. Easily charge your phone or laptop without having to run long extension cords. Available at The Container Store


  1. SKINNY STRIP Organize photos, cards, notes, keys and more with these super strong mighties® magnets that connect to a sleek metal strip backed with permanent adhesive. Easy to install and remove. Great for walls, desks, bookshelves and refrigerators. Display horizontally or vertically. Check out the entire magnetic board product line at


  1. DESK ORGANIZATION Give your dorm room a splash of color with desk accessories from Choose from file sorters & letter trays to pen cups and staplers. Available in a host of great colors. Poppin definitely puts the FUN in functional. You can check out their entire product line at

Although I may not be able to ease your financial burden of tuition payments or help you cope with empty nest syndrome, I can share with you one of my SBO tips:

A product is only as good as how well you use it. The key to living simply is establishing a routine and sticking with it.

Happy Organizing!

5 Organizing Essentials for Spring

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Although the idea of Spring cleaning may not get you excited, buying new products may do the trick!  Once you’ve done the legwork of de-cluttering, it’s time to reward yourself with some organizing essentials to help keep your space clutter-free.



household essentials 2-tier chrome sliding cabinet | $62.95|


Pullout Under Cabinet Storage. How many times has the back of your cabinet become a black hole? Anyone who has ever lost something in a cabinet can relate to the frustration of fishing around in a dark space trying to find what’s shoved in the back.  These easy to install pull-out shelves are great!






IRIS Stacking Basket | $18 (large) |


Portable Stacking Baskets. Corral anything from batteries to craft supplies with these great bins. Why I love them?  They are inexpensive, easy to carry and stack nicely in any space. Available in a variety of sizes depending on your needs and space.




Sports- Garage Organizer |$244.95|

Sports- Garage Organizer |$244.95|



Sports/Garage Organizer. Keep sports equipment and balls organized in one convenient, heavy-duty shelving unit. This unit includes three pull-out baskets and three flat shelves. Each basket holds up to 40 pounds.







Velvet Hangers | $24.87 (value pack) |


Velvet Hangers.  Closet space is one of the most common organizing challenges. The right hangers can actually increase the amount of clothing you can fit, making your closet appear larger. Investing in “like” hangers is one of the simplest and most effective methods to create a cohesive look.




Bigso Stockholm Document Box |$12.99|


Memory Boxes.  Not sure what to do with cards or pictures that are near and dear to your heart?  Create a memory box for each member of your family to store keepsakes.  I love the Bigso Stockholm Document Box.  Why I love them?  They’re attractive, sturdy, and reasonably priced.

Regardless of whether you live in a spacious home or a cozy apartment, the right organizing products can make the difference between living amongst clutter or calm.



SBO TIP: Find products that are versatile and that you can add as you go. There’s no need to re-organize everything at once. Don’t skimp. Take time to make sure you are getting the products you want; the right organizing products should last a lifetime.

Happy Organizing!