5 Tips to an Organized Hall Closet

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If you live in the Northeast (as I do), your hall closet sees a lot of traffic this time of year. Between hats, gloves, scarves, and coats it may just be one of the hardest working rooms in the house.

A hall closet doesn’t have to be large to be efficient. As long as you maximize it properly you can have a space that’s welcoming and free from clutter.

Below are 5 tips on how to make the most of your hall closet:

hall closet1. Zone like items together. Utilize decorative bins to sort and store hats, gloves, and scarves.

2. Reduce the volume of goods you keep in your closet. You may love scarves, but it doesn’t mean you need to display your entire collection. I recommend keeping out your top 3 favorites and rotate as necessary.

3. Light it up!  Poor lighting makes it challenging to see what you have, especially in a pinch. Adding overhead lighting not only brightens up the space, but makes it more functional.

4. Uniform your hangers.  Investing in hangers of the same size, shape and color creates a sense of cohesiveness and is a quick way to reduce visual clutter.

5. Free up space. Avoid having a jam-packed closet.  A good rule of thumb is to keep about 10% of your closet space empty for guests.


Happy Organizing!

5 Tips to an Organized Hall Closet

Written by Laurie Palau. Posted in BLOG: A Life More Organized, Closet Organizing, Entryway/Mudroom Storage, Getting Organized, Organized Home

If I were to design my ideal Hall Closet it would be spacious, have good lighting, and plenty of room for storage. Unfortunately, most of the hall closets I see (including my own) do not fit those criteria.

Instead, most hall closets are small, dark and often cramped; leaving you minimal room for storing your own items, let alone leaving ample room for guests.

During the holidays hall closets see a lot of action. Thanksgiving, Hanuakkah and Christmas all fall during winter. Depending on where you live, many of us are traveling with bulky coats in tow.

As hostesses, we all want to make a good impression on our guests. Having an organized hall closet can (and should) represent both function and style, for both you and your guests.

Below are 5 quick fixes to make the most of your space:

1.  Streamline your hangers. One of the easiest and inexpensive fixes to organize any closet is to have all your hangers be the same. Especially in a hall closet, opt for a wooden hanger if possible. They are strong enough to hold the shape of most outerwear, plus it visibly looks cleaner having “like” hangers.


2.  Designate a bin or basket for accessories.  In our home, I have a separate bin for each family member that houses gloves, hats and scarves.  This way when you are rushing out the door you can easily go to your specific bin and find what you need.


3.  Install a sensor light. I really don’t know why lighting in reach in closets are not the norm.  We go into our closets to find stuff, right? So wouldn’t it make sense to be able to clearly see what we are looking for?  Invest in having a sensor light installed so every time the door opens the light goes on, and then once it’s shut the light goes off. It’s eco-friendly and practical (two things I love!)

4.  Keep it seasonal.  If space is an issue, you need to treat your hall closet like your bedroom closet and swap items seasonally.  I realize this can be a pain in the “you know what”, but if you only have to do it twice a year it’s not so bad. Having an organized space is worth the trade off.

5.  Maximize shelving.  If you have the ability to install shelving, do it. You can use upper shelves for out of season or infrequently used items. You’ll be amazed at how much more functional your space will be.


Impress your guests and yourself with an organized closet. Starting small may be just the motivation you need to organize other areas in your home.


Happy Organizing!

Entryway Storage

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For 2013 I’m writing a series of articles on organizing ideas for various rooms in the home.  To kick off the New Year, I thought it’d be appropriate to start at the beginning… The Entryway.

Entryways are your home’s first impression. They are the first thing people see when they enter your home and the last thing they see before they leave. Not only does an entryway set a tone for your guests, but for all who enter and exit including YOU.

Entryways have a big job. They are responsible for housing keys, mail, and outwear, just to name a few things. Whether it’s the front, back or side door, your entryway is a critical spot for functional storage.

Depending on the size of your space, the possibilities can be endless. To keep things simple, I’ve highlighted 3 items from one of my favorite catalogs, Ballard Designs.  They are great source of inspiration for almost any room in the home.

  • Vintage Mirror Train Rack:

village mirror train rack



Why I love it…This versatile piece has just the right touch of character for a small space that needs to serve multiple purposes.  Use the hooks for keys, sweatshirts, purses, leashes, or umbrellas.  Check your make-up in the mirror before you walk out the door and don’t forget the top shelf that can hold a basket with hats and gloves. Love it!





  • Entryway Metal Hooks:

 Metal Hooks



Why I love it…These rustic hooks come in two sizes and are ideal for backpacks, coats and hats. Hang at varying heights so kids can access their items independently. Narrow enough to be functional for almost any space.  Love it!






  • Beadboard Entry Cabinets:

T_WithoutZoom (1)



Why I love it…A wonderful alternative to custom built-ins. These entry cabinets are multi-functional with plenty of drawer storage for hats, gloves, and scarves; roomy bench seating to put shoes on or take them off, not to mention hooks for coats and bags. Love it!






Next stop, bathroom storage…..