5 Hot Closet Trends You Need Right Now

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Closets, we all have them and we all most certainly wish they could be better. Whether it’s storing more clothes or doing double-duty as a dressing room, we all want and expect more from the space. Thankfully, Organized Living is here to help with the five closet trends that are all about making life easier.


1. Adjustability. Moving your closet around to fit your needs is the latest craze. People love to change their closet to fit their needs – whether it’s adjusting a shelf to accommodate thick, folded sweaters for fall or lower your hanging to be able to grab clothes easily – homeowners are about it. And not only do homeowners want to adjust their closet system, they want to keep adding accessories to it.




2. His and Her Closets. Create perfect harmony with your significant other with his and her closets and never worry about invading each other’s space again. Personalize your space to be uniquely you. We’re seeing men deck out their space with sports memorabilia, transforming their closet into a ‘man cave’. Women are adding touches of serious glamour with chandeliers and wallpaper accents. If you don’t have two closets, divide the sides in your closet for a his side and a her side.


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3. Matching Finishes. Homeowners want a finish in their closet and storage areas that reflect the aesthetic of the home. If you’re looking to brighten up your closet, we recommend a white finish or something with a fun texture. If you want to go classic, a dark finish will bring an effortless elegance to your closet. We don’t like to play favorites… but we can’t get enough of our freedomRail’s Snowdrift Live and Driftwood Live finishes.




4. Ditch the Dresser! Bedroom furniture sets with multiple dressers are so last year. Homeowners everywhere are nixing their dressers and opting for drawers and open shelving in the closet to store their wardrobe. Say goodbye to wasted space and hello to a minimalistic bedroom. Gone are the days you have to run around the room trying to find the perfect outfit and here to stay is the one-stop-shop your closet has become.




5. Maximizing Every Inch of Space. Homeowners are no longer messing around with wasted space. They want to take advantage of every available space; after all, storage is a premium! Closets have nooks and crannies that were going to waste, but not anymore. Homeowners want shelving that maximizes space by going wall-to-wall. No wasted space!



Home trends may come and go, but adjustable storage is here to stay. Finding the right storage system to accommodate your needs can be quite the task. Organized Living’s adjustable freedomRail closet system is up to the challenge. With unwavering strength and complete adjustability, you can count on freedomRail to withstand active daily use for years to come. Learn more about how freedomRail can meet all of your needs and exceed your expectations by visiting OrganizedLiving.com today.

*this is a sponsored post from our good friends at Organized Living, the preferred closet solution for Simply B Organized.

How to Organize Your Kids’ Closet

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kids closet

Organizing any space can be overwhelming, but organizing kids’ clothes can be downright daunting. Rapid changes in size and style are enough to drive anyone mad.

One day your daughter loves dresses, the next day she refuses to wear them.  One day your kid is a wearing a size 8 pants, and within in a week they are floods!  Your sister and best friend just cleaned out their kids closet and dropped 3 bags of hand-me-down clothing on your doorstep.With scenarios like this, it’s easy to understand how clothing can quickly get out of control.

Today I’m going to share 5 simple steps to help you navigate through the abyss also known as your kids closet:

1. Be Strategic:  Before you decide to keep something for next season or future kids, ask yourself how often it will likely be worn.  For example: If you know that your older sibling has a different body type or style than the younger sibling, it’s probably best to donate rather than hold onto clothes that more than likely will never be worn again.


2. Five-Year Rule:  Hand-me-downs are a great way to save money, however, don’t feel inclined keep everything. If your child won’t grow into the clothes within 5 years, donate it!  By the time they will fit into it fashion styles will changes and let’s face it…who knows if you kid will even like it by then.


3. Store Smart: If you’ve ever stumbled across a bag of clothes only to realize that you missed the season, you know how frustrating that can be! Clear storage bins that are labeled with the appropriate size is the most efficient way to ensure you will remember you have clothes on hand when the time comes to use them.


4. Donate, Donate, Donate: Anything gently used, that will not be worn by anyone else in the house. It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re not using it, someone else will. There are lots of places that accept gently used children’s clothes including charities, a church/synagogue, or family and friends.


5. Walk Down Memory Lane: Remember that dress your daughter wanted to wear to school every day for 6 months? Or the Spiderman costume that your son wore whether he was in the house or not?  These are memories that deserve a place in your home, just not in your closet! Designate a memorabilia bin for each child to store keepsakes that you will want to pass on someday.  Like all bins, they should be clear (to easily identify the contents) and labeled for easy identification.

Happy Organizing!

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Laundry Room/Mudroom-The sBo Effect

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This laundry room is responsibility for multiple functions, including outerwear storage for two kids’ backpacks, sports gear, cleaning supplies and let’s not forget, laundry!

w/d before




Before the washer/dryer were side by side with nothing except a hard to reach wire shelf to store laundry and cleaning supplies. After stacking the washer/dryer, we created space both above and below with reachable, functional storage for all supplies.


broom area before

broom closet after

By relocating the utility sink next to the new stackable w/d, we were able to fit in 2 custom cabinets, one for cleaning supplies and storage and the other for kids outerwear items.

labeled bins


Prior to re-configuring the laundry room, there was no where for the kids to hang their coats and backpacks. By making use of vertical space, we were able to install 10 hooks for the kids and guests.


Custom Design Work by sBo

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This once pantry, has been re-purposed to a “coat cubby”, fully equip with shoe storage and labeled bins for each family member

IMG_2218 IMG_2232

Custom pantry with adjustable shelves allows you to maximize each shelf to it’s fullest capacity


This standard boy’s bedroom has been transformed to a gamers dream space

reading nook before

reading nook after

By adding a wall, there is now a defined zone for reading or relaxing. Adding built in shelves to display trophies makes use of otherwise wasted space.

closet before

closet after

This typical reach-in closet with sliding doors made it difficult to access items and see what you have. Opening up the space allows for maximum utilization of the space for clothes, toys and keepsakes. A DIY closet system from a big box store adds much needed space and value to the closet.

bed space before

loft after

In the original configuration, there was little floor space to play or watch tv, but by adding a custom loft bed, we have literally doubled the space.  Separate lighting above and below allows for easy maintenance. Custom shelving below allows all DVD’s, games and assembled legos to be neatly displayed.  A soccer ball area rug ties in nicely with the theme of the room, and warms the space.

play area before

play area after




Another view of the game center before and after….


This utility closet has now been re-purposed as a fully functioning closet for toys or linens

toy closet beforetoy closet custom


This wasted hallway that was the home for a growing American Girl Doll Collection has now been re-purposed to a fully functioning storage space that is the envy of every little girl!

American Girl Storage IMG_1880






Playrooms – The sBo Effect

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Playroom Before sBo:  Kids loft for legos and video games-in need of a “next step”

Playroom After sBo:  New TV is on it’s way, but this entertainment unit allows us to corral unused lego pieces, display finished lego masterpieces and house video games and accessories in this easily accessible media center.

Kids Play Loft "Before"

Kids Loft "After"


Playroom Before sBo:  This empty wall was prime wasted space-soon to be turned into a study alcove for a pre-teen

Playroom After sBo:  This once empty space is now a functional study alcove for a growing pre-teen. Trophies are displayed nicely on upper shelves, out of reach but for all to enjoy.

Study Wall-BlankStudy Loft "After"


Playroom Before sBo:  This space was cluttered with toys, with no home making clean up difficult.

Playroom After sBo:  With some re-zoning, labeling of bins and hanging hooks at “kid-friendly” height, allows for easy clean up.

Playrooms - sBo

Playrooms - sBo


Playrooms - sBo

Playroom Before sBoThis great space is large enough for a variety of toys and games, but without any organization it easily becomes an unmanageable mess.

Playroom After sBo:  With the use of color coordinated bins and labels, clean up becomes easy for kids, large and small.

Playrooms - sBo

Playrooms - sBo



Playrooms - sBo

Playrooms - sBo

Playroom Before sBoThis underutilized piece was randomly placed in the playroom serving no purpose other than a dumping ground for papers and such.

Playroom After sBoThis fabulous storage unit has replaced the old dresser and is now home for kids games, toys, legos and art supplies. A framed cork board makes displaying kids artwork a breeze. Everything is within reach and easily accessible for play and clean up!

Playrooms - sBo

Playrooms - sBo

Playrooms - sBo