Resolve to Get Organized

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How many of you ever made a New Year’s Resolution?  I know I have.  They have ranged anywhere from vowing to work out, to taking up a hobby and a bunch of things in between.  If breaking up with clutter is on your resolution list for 2017, you are not alone.
Getting Organized is right up there next to losing weight and saving money as one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions. So much so, that January has been deemed: National Get Organized Month!

As with any resolution, most people start strong, but by mid-February are slipping back into their old habits. Why do so many resolutions fail? De-motivation and frustration.
If you are committed to getting organized, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 5 tips to keep you on the “Organizing Bandwagon”.
  • Prioritize.  If I asked you what area of your home you want to declutter, you may want to respond “all of it”! But Rome wasn’t built in a day and your clutter didn’t accumulate overnight, so slow your roll sister. As much as I applaud your attempt to dive right in, the best advice I can give you is to prioritize the areas that are the biggest pain point for you and go from there.
  • Incorporate into your routine. I have news for you, getting organized isn’t a “one and done” thing.  It’s an investment in time and discipline. Whether it’s putting your keys in the same spot each day, working with your kids to put their toys away, or trying to train your husband to put his clothes in the hamper, it all boils down to one word-discipline. Establishing a routine that you stick to is a game changer.
  • Change the way you think.  Clutter is the end result of X (lack of time, too much stuff, poor systems).  How many times have you organized your closet only to find it a hot mess 3 months later? Anyone can get organized, the catch is learning how to stay organized.  The key to success is changing the behavior that allowed clutter to accumulate in the first place.
  • Keep it Simple.  The one thing I can tell you from years of experience is simple always wins. The more complicated the system the less likely you are to stick with it. Think about other areas of your life: recipes, doing your hair, taking off make-up…the more steps it has, the more work it becomes to maintain. Life is already filled with enough things on our to-do list, which is exactly why simplifying the way we find food in our pantry, tools in the garage, or clothes in our closet is invaluable.
  • Set Realistic Expectations.  If you were going to run a marathon you wouldn’t just wake up one day and run 26 miles. You would have a plan, a strategy and small benchmarks along the way helping you get closer to reaching your goal.  Organizing your space or time is no different. Whether you have 20 minutes or 2-hours, do what you can-the key is consistency. 

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Give For a Cure

Written by Laurie Palau. Posted in BLOG: A Life More Organized

Today I’m side-stepping from my traditional “Get Organized for the Holidays”  post to talk about something near and dear to my heart: Giving Back.

We all have a cause (or maybe two) that we are passionate about. For some it may be Juvenile Diabetes, for others it’s the American Heart Association, or maybe it’s providing clean drinking water throughout the world. For me, it’s finding a cure for Pediatric Cancer.

Three years ago, I became involved with The St. Baldrick’s Foundation after 2 friends of mine both lost their sons to different types of Pediatric Cancer.

I knew I wanted to help make a difference; Each year our community hosts a large fundraising event in March (you can read about it here), however I wanted to do something with the theme of giving around the holidays.

So I started asking some kids in our community if they would be willing to give up one of their holiday gifts and instead donate to St. Baldrick’s?  Unanimously the answer was YES.  So the “Give For A Cure Challenge” was born because we believe that every child deserves to grow up happy and healthy.  


In the spirit of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, kids can video themselves challenging 2 friends to “give for a cure” and post it to social media.  All donations can be made online and go directly to The St. Baldrick’s Foundation via a link to our event. Our goal is to raise $10,000 for pediatric cancer through this movement.

Hopefully you will feel inspired to share this with your network and participate in theGive For A Cure Challenge.



About The St. Baldrick’s Foundation: I like to refer to them as the “under the radar” foundation. What started 16 years ago, as a challenge from three guys in a NYC bar to shave their heads to raise money for pediatric cancer, has evolved into the largest non-profit organization (next to the federal government) that raises money specifically for Pediatric Cancer Research.

How amazing is that?!?

How To Serve a Clutter-Free Thanksgiving

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Last week I had the pleasure of spending the morning with my good friend and anchorwoman, Eve Russo. We talked about how stressful planning Thanksgiving can be. As someone who is entering her 18th year hosting, I was able to share some simple tips for being the “hostess with the mostess” minus the hassle.

You can view the segment here:

A Few Key Tips to Remember:

  • Have a welcome basket for out of town guests (contents include: spare toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, etc, magazines, and your wifi password)
  • Get creative with with festive labels
  • Printing a copy of the menu adds a nice touch and is a simple way to dress the table
  • Repurpose household items like mason jars to corral cutlery
  • Use decorative disposable placemats (great for kids to draw on, plus makes clean up a snap!)
  • Have disposable “tupperware” on hand to send guests home with leftovers (this way you don’t have to chase them down for yours!)

Don’t forget to download our FREE Thanksgiving Checklist!cropped headshot_HR_circle


Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!