Ep: 010: How to make NO Your Friend

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  • Today my work-wife, sidekick, and organizing assistant, Erika is joining us
  • How difficult is it for you to get everything done?
  • What is heck is Time Blocking?
  • The Art of Saying NO
  • Getting the Kids Involved
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Ep:009-Neen James Part 2: 3 Productivity Secrets to Keep You Organized

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  • Today we are continuing our chat with  Motivational Speaker, Productivity Expert, Author and my favorite Aussie, Neen James.
  • I know you love maximizing time as much as I do, what are your favorite productivity apps these days?
  • We all know that even experts aren’t perfect, will you share with us some areas where you struggle and the strategies you use to work through it?
  • For many listening out there, this all seems so overwhelming, what are you tips for someone getting started?
  • Listen to our full episode to hear Neen’s answers and more!


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Episode 008: The Link Between Organization & Productivity with Special Guest Neen James

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  • Today we have a special guest, Motivational Speaker, Productivity Expert, and Author, Neen James.
  • We’re discussing the link between lack of productivity & disorganization
  • Neen shares some common traps that zap productivity
  • Listen to our full episode with Neen, and tune in next week for part 2 where Neen shares her personal productivity secrets!


Neen has some fabulous tips in her newsletter and on her website. Her book Folding Time is a great read for anyone looking to get more done in less time. You can find everything you need on her website www.neenjames.com

Ep:007- Are You The CEO of Your Home?

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  • Today we are talking about what it means to be the CEO of your Home
  • Are you super organized at work, but can’t seem to keep it together at home?
  • Are you a Stay-At-Home mom and see yourself only as a maid, chauffeur, nurse and short-order cook?
  • Learn what 5 steps you need to reclaim control by listening to the full episode here or check out our blog

Ep: 006-When Too Much Space Isn’t a Good Thing

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  • Welcome to This Organized Life…with Organizing Expert Laurie Palau
  • This weekly podcast is designed to give you a glimpse into my organized, but not-so-perfect world as a mom, professional organizer and founder of  simply B organized
  • Today we are talking about when too much space isn’t a good thing
  • If you live in a home with cluttered closets, garages, basements or attics, you know what I am talking about!
  • For solutions on how to avoid common clutter traps, listen to the full episode here