How to Organize Your Kids’ Closet

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kids closet

Organizing any space can be overwhelming, but organizing kids’ clothes can be downright daunting. Rapid changes in size and style are enough to drive anyone mad.

One day your daughter loves dresses, the next day she refuses to wear them.  One day your kid is a wearing a size 8 pants, and within in a week they are floods!  Your sister and best friend just cleaned out their kids closet and dropped 3 bags of hand-me-down clothing on your doorstep.With scenarios like this, it’s easy to understand how clothing can quickly get out of control.

Today I’m going to share 5 simple steps to help you navigate through the abyss also known as your kids closet:

1. Be Strategic:  Before you decide to keep something for next season or future kids, ask yourself how often it will likely be worn.  For example: If you know that your older sibling has a different body type or style than the younger sibling, it’s probably best to donate rather than hold onto clothes that more than likely will never be worn again.


2. Five-Year Rule:  Hand-me-downs are a great way to save money, however, don’t feel inclined keep everything. If your child won’t grow into the clothes within 5 years, donate it!  By the time they will fit into it fashion styles will changes and let’s face it…who knows if you kid will even like it by then.


3. Store Smart: If you’ve ever stumbled across a bag of clothes only to realize that you missed the season, you know how frustrating that can be! Clear storage bins that are labeled with the appropriate size is the most efficient way to ensure you will remember you have clothes on hand when the time comes to use them.


4. Donate, Donate, Donate: Anything gently used, that will not be worn by anyone else in the house. It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re not using it, someone else will. There are lots of places that accept gently used children’s clothes including charities, a church/synagogue, or family and friends.


5. Walk Down Memory Lane: Remember that dress your daughter wanted to wear to school every day for 6 months? Or the Spiderman costume that your son wore whether he was in the house or not?  These are memories that deserve a place in your home, just not in your closet! Designate a memorabilia bin for each child to store keepsakes that you will want to pass on someday.  Like all bins, they should be clear (to easily identify the contents) and labeled for easy identification.

Happy Organizing!

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Closets – The sBo Effect

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Closet Before sBo: This traditional closet had a bunch of wasted space leaving lots of room for clutter to accumulate.

Closet After sBo: Customizing the closet, flipping the door to swing outward and adding clear front plexi-glass doors make this a fully functional closet  maximizing the entire space, walls included!

Image 1





Image 2IMG_2309_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Closet Before sBo: This standard builder’s grade closet had a ton of wasted space and hard to reach areas, especially for a little boy.

Closet After sBo: Opening walls, taking off the doors and customizing the space maximizes every inch, creating a 100% functional closet.

Howard before closet

Ryan Howard After


Closet Before sBo: Despite built in shelving, this master closet is filled with wasted space and lack of systems make it impossible to keep organized.

Master Closet After Custom Design by sBo: These custom cubbies help to keep clothes organized and easy to see.  This custom shoe rack is a dream for shoe lovers! Prior to these built-ins, this wall was completely empty-a complete waste of space.





Closet After sBo: This underutilized nook has become the home for memorabilia storage color coded for each child.

Closet After sBo: This master closet leaves no room for jewelry or pocketbook storage so we created space in the rooms built in shelving.



Closet After sBo: Have deep shelves?  Not to worry.  By incorporating stackable sweater dividers allow you to maintain an organized space.

Closet After sBo: Clear shoe bins allow you to make use of previously wasted vertical space.